Blockchain Technology

We believe that blockchain technology is among the most important technological innovations of our time. As the “transaction layer of the internet”, blockchain will enable a multitude of industry and consumer applications. While still at an early stage, many of its applications already have a significant impact today – such as the rise of cryptocurrencies which can be used as alternative means of payment and store-of-value assets. In the future, blockchain will enable further decentralized applications, allowing individuals to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted intermediary.

Postera’s Mission

At Postera Capital, we support professional investors who want to gain exposure to the new and dynamic asset class of cryptoassets. Postera Capital is the Promotor of the first EU-regulated investment fund that invests in cryptoassets, Postera Fund – Crypto I. Through this fund, professional investors can obtain access to the cryptoassets via a transparent and fully regulated Alternative Investment Fund (AIF). The fund provides weekly liquidity, thereby enabling investors to manage their crypto exposure in a flexible way.

Investing in Cryptoassets

From an investment perspective, blockchain technology is unique since investors can participate directly in the value created by projects through purchasing coins or tokens related to the respective projects. These tokens combine a venture capital-like risk-return-profile with the liquidity of a traded asset. For investors who are willing to enter the game at this early stage, we believe that there are exceptional return opportunities that can rarely be found in other asset classes. Furthermore, cryptoassets are uncorrelated to all other major asset classes, making them ideal for diversifying existing portfolios.

Founding Partners

Nicolas Biagosch

David Finkenstädt

Martin Schmidt

The management team consists of five individuals with a diverse set of skills, covering technical, market and investment aspects of blockchain technology in general and crypto assets specifically.

Christoph Schüler

Christian Weber

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