Blockchain is among the most important innovations of our time. Through tokenization, blockchain enables true digital assets and transactions, creating the “Internet of Value”. We believe that blockchain systems will become a key infrastructure layer of the digital world, used not only for cryptocurrencies but for a large range of use cases and applications.

Postera’s Mission

At Postera Capital, we are dedicated to helping our clients and investors benefit from the paradigm shifts that blockchain brings about. We always put our clients first, offering them best-in-class services and support. We strive to unlock the potential of the Web 3.0, the next era of digital applications and business models.

Our Services

Our Consulting Services support corporate clients, crypto projects and other organizations in understanding and acting upon the benefits or threats that blockchain may bring about.

Our Investment Services support professional investors to gain best-in-class access to the new and dynamic asset class of cryptoassets. Postera Capital is the Promotor of the first EU-regulated investment fund that invests in cryptoassets, Postera Fund – Crypto I.

Our Research Services support clients who want to gain valuable insights into blockchain and cryptoassets.

Founding Partners

Nicolas Biagosch

David Finkenstädt

Martin Schmidt

The management team consists of five individuals with a diverse set of skills, covering technical, market and investment aspects of blockchain technology in general and crypto assets specifically.

Christoph Schüler

Christian Weber

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