Gain unique insights from our in-depth research combining data from our industry-leading catalogue of fundamental, on-chain and off-chain sources.

David Finkenstädt, Partner


An in-depth understanding of a token’s fundamentals is the cornerstone for an investment decision. Among other factors, we analyse use cases, business models, technology and teams, providing full transparency of the tokens fundamentals.

Alternative data

Cryptoassets are an asset class that is heavily impacted by crowd sentiment. Using data from the Postera subsidiary Augmento AI, we leverage the industry’s most advanced AI providing quantitative insights into which sentiments dominate online discussions about cryptoassets.

Click here, to download our crypto sentiment data for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We use on-chain data to track the flow of funds on the blockchain, monitor exchange flows and analyze real-world adoption of blockchain applications.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is used in many investment strategies. While the basics are the same for all asset classes, crypto asset markets exhibit structural differences that need to be taken into account to obtain meaningful results. We offer technical scorecards as well as customized indicator sets.

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