With a return of 186.0 %, the Postera Fund – Crypto I has taken the first place on the top list of  Das Investment, one of Germany’s leading investment and financial advisory magazines. The Postera Fund showed the strongest return in the past year and thus asserted itself as the most successful fund.

“The performance of our fund shows that crypto assets such as Bitcoin have gained significant importance as an asset class – we are particularly pleased about this for our investors,” says Nicolas Biagosch, Managing Director of Postera Capital.

Nicolas Biagosch expects the positive development of Postera Fund – Crypto I to continue. Crypto assets practically do not correlate to other asset classes such as stocks, bonds or real estate. They contribute to diversification in traditional portfolios and are thus popular for risk diversification. “Anyone who values diversification should consider crypto-assets alongside gold, hedge funds or other alternative investments. As an addition, these can make a meaningful contribution to a risk-return-optimized portfolio,” says Nicolas Biagosch.