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Artificial intelligence for own research: Blockchain specialist Postera Capital acquires sentiment analytics start-up Augmento

Düsseldorf. May 27, 2020 – Postera Capital, Europe’s pioneer in crypto-specific investment products and strategies, acquires sentiment analytics start-up Augmento. In 2018, Berlin-based Fintech Augmento began developing the sentiment analysis algorithm for cryptoassets, quickly becoming a major player in the alternative data industry. With the acquisition, Postera Capital strengthens its position as a pioneer in crypto consulting as well as its investment vehicle Postera Fund – Crypto I, the first EU-regulated crypto fund.

Augmento has the most advanced forecasting capabilities in the industry. Through this access, Postera expands its service portfolio and supports the further development of its quantitative investment strategies. “Augmento has developed a unique AI solution that provides quantitative data about what is happening in the collective consciousness of the crypto market. Augmento will help us develop our strategies using real-time market sentiments even further,” said Nicolas Biagosch, partner at Postera Capital.

Augmento’s new AI technology uses algorithms to identify emotions and discussion topics from online news and social media. The resulting insights give investors a profound insight into market movements – enabling them to make better, data-driven decisions.

“We could show that crowd sentiment has an enormous impact on crypto markets and it became clear that it will continue to do so in the future. Being able to quantify emotions such as fear or euphoria in real-time helps investors build better strategies and reduce risk.” explains Michael Baumgartner, CEO and co-founder of Augmento.

The interest from institutional investors in cryptoassets is growing massively. The increasing integration of this young asset class into the portfolios of professional investors leads to an increased demand for insights generated from alternative data. Augmento’s AI-based analysis of sentiment data from the crypto market perfectly complements Postera Capital’s fundamental knowledge of crypto markets. Augmento’s software will be fully integrated into Postera Capital’s proprietary technology stack. With the new analysis tool, the investment specialist is improving its first-class advice in the area of crypto assets and is expanding its investment vehicle Postera Fund – Crypto I even further.

Augmento’s founding team, consisting of Michael Baumgartner, Bijan Farsijani and Oliver Spragg, takes on advisory roles at Postera.

About Postera Capital
Postera Capital is an investment and consulting firm for cryptoassets and blockchain and initiator of the world’s first regulated crypto-fund, Postera Fund – Crypto I.

The company was founded in 2017 with the vision of making investments in cryptoassets more accessible to professional investors. Postera Capital provides advisory services, investment consulting and research.
Postera Capital launched the Postera Fund – Crypto I, the first crypto fund regulated under EU law. With this step, Postera Capital succeeded in lowering the hurdles for professional investors to participate in the new asset class.

About Augmento
Augmento is a data analysis company that uses AI crypto sentiment data of institutional quality to provide quantitative trading strategies.

The company was founded in 2015 as a trend intelligence company with a vision to improve human decision making through the use of technology and data. In 2018 Augmento began developing an AI to quantify the mass psychology of crypto-markets. The technology performs an algorithmic identification of emotions in text data from social media and news. It enables investors to quantify market psychology based on social media data and thus make better, data-driven decisions. After a year of development, Augmento entered the market with a product that is used by leading crypto hedge funds and quantitative traders to improve their strategies. By training an AI specifically geared to the crypto-currency language, Augmento is the only solution that can capture market sentiment in the granularity and complexity of online communication.

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