We provide professional and institutional investors with state-of-the-art cryptoasset research. Our research reports provide actionable insights that supports investors in the construction of their portfolios and development of trading strategies.

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Cryptoassets have become an asset class of their own, with more than 1.300 tradable tokens that differ greatly in terms of their underlying technologies and business models. As in all asset classes, high-quality research provides investors with an edge in their investment decisions. Compared to other asset classes, though, the value of research in the crypto space is amplified by the following factors:

  • Crypto markets are young, volatile and not as efficient as more mature capital markets. This poses a risk to investors but also offers opportunities for well-informed investors.
  • There is a wealth of information in crypto markets, but this information is extremely “noisy”: There are no official press releases or standardized reporting sets for cryptoassets. Analysts with a deep understanding of the market can therefore generate superior insights.
  • Research specifically geared towards professional crypto investors is still rare.


Postera’s proprietary research is based on a thorough fundamental analysis. Amongst other factors, we assess the technical basis, the relevance use case(s), the competitive environment, the quality and experience of the core team and the implementation roadmap of each asset that we cover. Being close to the crypto scene enables us to pick up news and emerging trends early.

All qualitative and quantitative factors are reflected in our comprehensive assessment of the overall crypto market as well as individual assets.

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